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Importing Wordpress footer into Webflow

I’m working on a website in Webflow, since the project is part of another platform, my client wants to display the footer and header of their Website (which is in Wordpress) into the one I’m building. I thought I could solve it using Wordpress REST API but I can’t seem to make it work. I’m not very experienced with coding and was wondering if there’s any other solution for connecting their footer to the page I’m building. Appreciate any solutions or suggestions.

Why do you want to connect those components via an API and not just rebuild it?

Hi joajola, sure rebuilding would be my first way to go, but this should work in a way that whenever the footer is updated in the Wordpress it also gets updated in the webflow page, so, well somehow they should be connected, if possible…

Hey there, here’s the thing: you should just rebuild it in Webflow as @joejola was saying because I don’t think pulling changes from automatically from Wordpress into Webflow is possible yet. Also, you have to think since it is just the header and footer, how often do they change? Trying to go through all that trouble probably isn’t worth it.

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Hi chris, thanks for your reply. Will consider it :slight_smile: