Importing Users with Access Groups

Hi there, I’m trying to import about 100 users to a client’s site. They each should have specific access groups that give them access to different pages. All of this has been set up and is working properly.

However, when I go to import a CSV file, the only option is to immediately invite everyone in the file. The import function only recognizes “Name” and “Email” columns in a CSV. Is there a way to import them with the access groups already defined? I don’t want the invite emails to be sent immediately, without assigning the proper groups first.

Thank you to anyone who can share some insight!

When you call the Invite User API endpoint, the invitation is sent immediately.
If the CSV is still limited, you may need to use the API instead to assign access groups at the point of invitation.

If it’s a one-time load, it’s possible Webflow Support can load it this way for you, or has another mechanism that would work.

But more likely, it sounds like you might need to build a loader of some kind that allows you to control this.
I’ve not done this so I cannot give specific advice, but I’d look at loading your list into Airtable, with maybe a CSV column for your access groups.

Then what you want is some kind of “button” that triggers inviting a specific user and marking them as invited in Airtable.

Airtable has some scripting capabilities and some URL formation capabilities. You may be able to script all of this internally. But if not, you should be able to achieve it using Make.

You’d setup a webhook-triggered flow in Make that separates the access groups, calls the API, and then updates the record in Airtable.

That URL would be easiest as an HTTP-GET based URL so that you can easily construct that “button” at the Airtable end, e.g.


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Thanks Michael, you’re always ahead of the curve on Memberships!

Hmm, that seems a little outside of my capabilities. It would probably be faster for me to manually add the users and assign them access groups upon invite. If it was significantly more than 100 users, I’d probably invest the time to learn how to do this, but as of now my plan is to do it manually. I’ve informed the client that I’ll send the invites in waves, which should mitigate any complaints about potential delays :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your reply, I will save it for future reference.