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Importing PSD to use as a template

Is there a way to import PSD files into webflow to use as a template when building a website?

Nope. There is export functionality only at this time. But its really easy to take something designed in any image editor (I use PS too) after watching the short tutorials provided on this site. Its all about playing with parent and child elements inner padding or outer margins and using positioning and z-index to layer your content. Using Webflow’s design control and something like to compress high quality transparent images really takes web design to the next level.

@TS I too agree with that Idea. I do code from scratch as well but having that feature would be awesome. Esp. if you juggle more sites to edit with. More like what Brackets did right now, it has PSD integration system(preview). With that feature along with webflow, would be a total KO. =)

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