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Importing a collection from an old Webflow site into the New Webflow site

Hello Everyone!
I have just finished the redesign phase for a huge blog that currently is using Webflow.

We have redesigned everything so that the collection is more robust.

I have a concern with transferring this information over.

I came across this video tutorial

Importing content into a Collection - Webflow CMS tutorial

I have some concerns tho.

Like, will we be able to adapt this old collection into the new collection info? The old designer has built the collection a bit differently than I would be doing.

Confirming multiple teams can update the content at the same time. on the team account.

Confirming that backdated content will keep its original published date

Confirming URLs will stay the same

Confirming that SEO value will stay the same

Confirming that specific landing templates that generate affiliate revenue will also keep the same URL

Does anyone have any guides or recommendations or step by step when transferring a huge old site to the newly designed one?

Thank you!

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