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Importing 1 Section into Shopify Page

Looking to export 1 section of educational content I created from a blank template into the middle of a Shopify page. Note: I read all posts with ‘Shopify’ in them, but didn’t find the answer.
Share Link: the site’s design doesn’t matter, just need answers to questions though.

Once I export the code, I’m left with 6 files that have code in them.
CSS: gregor-site.webflow.css, webflow.css, normalize.css
JS: Modernizr.js, webflow.js
HTML: index.html

Q1: Aside from the HTML file, what CSS and JS files do I have to upload and then reference, and in what order? (Don’t worry about headings and other styles conflicting with each other.)

Q2: Should I create all of the educational content pieces on a blank template, and then reference the same JS and/or CSS files and use chunks of the HTML for each new page on the shopify site OR use a new blank template for each new education content piece I create, and upload the JS and CSS for each unique page.

Can you provide a read-only link to the Webflow project?

Share Link: the site’s design doesn’t matter, just need answers to questions though.

Actually, I think in this case the design does matter. If I read your original post correctly, you are wanting to insert one page of content into an existing Shopify site. So, depending on the page content, the easiest thing may be to simply add your assets to Shopify, copy a template or snippet and add then copy/paste your html content to it and in the case of a snippet do an include where you need it.

If you are just wanting that image and text from the share link you provided that would be the easiest way. If you have a full page of information that includes things like tabbed sections then that would be different.

I know how to upload assets such as imgs, js, and css, and then copy/past html.
Still confused about Q1 and Q2.

What would be best for a full page of info with columns, tabs, slider, etc?

Is your one page that your inserting going to have the same navigation and footer as the rest of your Shopify site?


Just don’t want to have to build an entirely separate site and then use a subdomain or match my site to the Shopify site’s theme.

What framework or theme is the Shopify site using. Is it built on Timber alone or a theme? You can message me directly if you prefer.