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Import Webflow.js / Animations from other projects

Hi all,

Is there a way to import interactions from other projects to my project?
I know i can export the webflow.js of other projects but is there a way to use it?


You can simply copy and paste an object with ix and that ix will be copied to your project along with the object. You can delete that object then, leaving only ix

Hi Dram.

Thanks for the reply,

Can i ask what is iX? :wink:


Sorry, it’s interactions.

Hi Dram,

I tried selecting the element , copy and paste it to other project, everything works (css etc.) but not the animation. if i go to the interactions panel, i don’t see anything.

Am i missing something?
Thanks again.

It’s hard to say without knowing how exactly you’re copying the elements. Copying objects that have interactions assigned to them is definitely something that Webflow users do from time to time and it definitely works so I guess something is wrong with how you do it.