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Import multi-line cells from Google Sheets to CMS

I’m setting up a Zapier integration so that every time I update a cell in a Google Sheet it automatically updates the same record in Webflow.

The integration is working fine, but some of the contents of the cells are multi-line and they get imported into webflow as single lines. So for example, if the Google Sheet cell says…

- Item 1
- Item 2
- Item 3

It gets imported as…

- Item 1- Item 2- Item 3

I tried setting the variable as a multi-line text format and a Rich Text format and neither option is working.

I’m using the integration to create a user-facing prototype of a training program, so it’s going to be pretty disruptive to the end user if they see the data as a single line like that.

Is there any way I can get Google Sheets to import the data as multiple lines, just as it shows up in the cell in the Google Sheet?

Any ideas?