Import HTML into rich text fields

I’m trying to import some “raw” HTML into a rich text field in one of my collections.
I want to use this HTML snippet as-is on my webflow site.

I noticed that the webflow API tries to fetch and import referred images instead of leaving the HTML alone and just store it.

How can I achieve that the HTML is just stored and delivered without loading/calling any URLs in the HTML blob?

Thanks for any hint!

Alright. To import “raw” HTML into a rich text field in your Webflow collection without triggering the automatic fetching and importing of images, you’ll need to work through the Webflow API. When using the API, you can add raw HTML directly into a CMS Rich Text field. This approach allows you to bypass the automatic image fetching that happens when you use the Webflow interface directly​​.

If your HTML only includes basic elements that are supported by the rich text field, you should populate this field via the API. Webflow will parse your HTML content correctly when you update the field through the API, ensuring that your HTML is stored and delivered as intended without loading or calling any URLs in the HTML blob​​.

Here’s a link to another Webflow forum thread that might be helpful.

Best of luck!

I already use the API to push the HTML to Webflow but still the API tries to auto-import the images.
Do I need to mark the “embedded” HTML in a rich text field in a special way?

Hmmm… Since the standard approach isn’t working, you might need a specialized workaround.

One potential solution is to encode your images within the HTML as base64. This method turns the images into a text-based format that can be embedded directly into your HTML, circumventing the auto-fetching process. It’s a bit of a workaround and might not suit every situation, especially with large images, but it’s worth a try.

For more technical details and possibly other solutions, I’d recommend checking out the Webflow API documentation here. I think it might help you find a better solution.