Import button unresponsive (import csv to CMS)

I’m importing a very simple csv (single column of 32 items) into a collection and the blue ‘import 32 items’ button is enabled, no errors are showing and the button is reacting to my click, but nothing happens after I click.

I’ve connected the single column of items to the existing ‘name’ field and tabbed through all of the items to ensure there were no errors. Can anyone help with this?

I’m sorry to hear that! That’s definitely weird.

I’ve never had any issues like that. Just in case the problem is with your CSV file, try using PowerImporter’s CSV import instead. It’ll give you a detailed log explaining exactly what went wrong, which can be extremely helpful in troubleshooting the problem.

Thank you Marc!

I dropped the csv exported from google sheets into Sublime Text and realized it did in fact have no commas. Contrary to the expectation of exporting a ‘comma-separated values’ file.

PowerImporter looks like an awesome tool, thank you!

I also found a workaround of copying my cells to this website:

And exported from there.