Implementing Dropzone.js?

Has anyone been able to get this to work in Webflow?

Is there a Webflow work around to implement this? Just need the front-end part set up our devs will link it to our hosting/server etc. I have no clue how to add this anywhere…

Any help would be amazing! I know there is only two posts on forum about this and neither show a way how to implement this…

Thanks community!

What is your server side implementation?

Webdev, thanks for the response!

Umm… I have hosting and a script that lets users upload videos. I guess it’ll implemented into that script?

This is the script :

Hope that helps!

So head over to and review the server side integrations with PHP to see if you can integrate it to KVS,

Ok, thanks. I’m forwarding this to my back-end developers.

I’m really looking for a way to just simply put this into my webflow build. I’m sure if it’s in there they can hook it up to the php however they need to. I just need to design it with some of the functionality intact?

I see this user years ago tried the plug in but there is no write up on how it was resolved, fixed or how to implement…

@cyberdave unsure if he can help?!