Implementing a Customer Help portal --- how to best do it in Webflow

I’m new to Webflow. Trying to do a Customer Help section for our project (a consumer app). Would like something similar to this: Help - Postmates

Any suggestions? Thanks

Hey @jose2021,

This is a pretty loaded question with many variables. First of all, you would want to find a live chat application. This is where there are too many variables for me to recommend one… if you used MS Teams for example, there is a great app where you can chat directly from your teams. Most apps would have you login to some sort of dashboard to view incoming chats.

Here is one example app, but it’s the first one that came up so I’d look around.

As for the implementation into your website, I’d recommend making div symbol (to make it resemble) and setting it as an absolute position (place where you want it). Inside the div, add an image for the chat. You can create animations for the chat opening up etc… essentially you would be creating a chat box the same way as I mentioned above, but have it hidden until clicked. you would embed the code which would be provided to you from the application you chose.

Or… you can make it much easier on yourself by putting in a plugin.