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Implementation of Github Code for Conversational Forms


I’ve read a few instances of people trying to find help on this task in the past without success. I’m trying not have to use Typeform or some other form builder to have a ‘conversational’ style form implemented on my website. Space10 has created an open source solution for this, but it’s beyond me of how to implement it within Webflow. If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated. Here is a link to the Github.

GitHub link

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@idle-dev -> The problem with this solution is it depends on an attribute being added to the form which you can’t do in the designer. So a workaround would be to instantiate it with custom code.

var conversationalForm ={
    formEl: document.getElementById("email-form")

Where the form ID was “email-form”.

Alternatively you could do this with jQuery in the before body area like;


As long as you load the script before this code it should work. Now modifying it will take some code skills. Here is a codepen example.

Thank you very much Jeff. I’m working on trying to implement this! I appreciate you taking the time to help.