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Implementation from codedrop

Hey Community,

I am really desperate to try to implement this effect from codedrop on this site.

Here is my site Read-Only: Link
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Hi @Maurice

Interesting effect - do-able with IX2 maybe? Div with overflowing items, hover over div affects different elements each with their own move settings? Not tried it - just some initial thoughts!


@StuM @Maurice Here is what you’re looking for:

Props to @Waldo who was the one that created it! :+1:


Hi @aaronocampo,

thats looks really nice, but he didn´t use the javascript from codedrops and without the javascript the fragments are not randomized.

Is there a reason @Waldo why you didn´t implemented the javascript? I´m trying it, but unfortunately I don´t get it to run :pensive:

I got it to work. I did something wrong with the implementation with script from github, but now it runs perfectly :grin:

@Maurice I was just trying to get a similar effect without any custom code, would love to see it live on your site if you can share! :smiley:

@Waldo I really like your webflow-only version, but I wanted the random effect of the original.
I plan to go at least at the end of the week live with my site, then you can see it live :blush:

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