Implement Job Posting Component via Greenhouse API

Good morning,
I need to implement a job posting component on my client’s site via an API. The software I use to post my job offers is Greenhouse.

I need to create two styles of dashboard to display on the site: First a dashboard with a system of 3 filters. And secondly, a dashboard which only displays certain offers according to the “department” filter selected. Here is the API doc: Harvest API | Greenhouse And in PJ, the expected visual for the two dashboards. I tried to implement it with this template: Greenhouse X Webflow - Webflow

But it doesn’t allow me to add a location filter, and also to only display a filter. Example: I want to display only “Product Design” offers on a page.

Waiting for your reply

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Link live with dashboard : Nous rejoindre : rejoins l'expert du Product Management

Hi Anthony,

I am the creator of Greenhouse X Webflow. Unfortunately, the current version does not support location filtering. I am working on the next version, which will include many new features, including location filtering.

However, I want to help you. I have modified the source code for your use cases, and you can use them in their raw form. Each version has different source code, so please take note. I have created a sandbox with two versions:
Read only:

  1. Display only a specific department.
  2. Filter by departments and locations in one block.

I hope this helps.

THANKS @Maksym_Kurylo ! Really !
Everything works perfectly.

I’m going to look in detail at what you changed in the code.

I don’t know if I can do the same thing as location for the jobs filter.
Since it is not a filter in greenhouse.