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Implement a progress bar that calls in data - i.e Megawatts generated by Solar panels daily

Hi Guys,
I am new to Webflow and love using it. I already have two clients onboard.

I have created a progress bar that loads up when “Scroll into view”.
I want the progress bar to show how many “Mega Watts” the Clients service has generated which will call the data (updates every 15 mins) off their iOS app. They have provided me with the API passwords, are there any good tutes or pages to show how I can start linking the data to the progress bar?


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I would recommend using the CMS and a tool like zapier or integromat.

Setup a collection called Measures, or something like that. Create another field for the collection called value.

Then you can use integromat and schedule a scenario to run every 15 minutes. It can take that data and then update your CMS items accordingly.

Then you can display those values in Webflow using a collection list.

Not sure if any videos doing specifically this, but check out integromat resources for a start.

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Hi Drew, thanks for the reply, I will give intergromat a go based on that Tute… I am hoping I can make the gauge bars display the data amount too, although I have never done this coding before.