Impact of using Webflow CMS items on a website's search engine ranking if CMS page doesn't exist

Hi everyone!

I have a question about using Webflow CMS items in a specific scenario. If CMS items, such as Team Members, are displayed in the navigation but don’t have associated content on the CMS page (the page itself isn’t even created in designer mode), could there be any concerns?

My concern is whether these CMS items, even without content on their respective pages, will still have URLs or slugs attached to them. I’m particularly curious about how this might impact Google’s search index. If Google’s bots come across these pages with empty content, could it potentially cause any issues with how the site is ranked in Google Search?

No, they won’t have URL’s or slugs unless you try linking to those pages.
Not sure what you’re trying to put them in navigation for, but you wouldn’t want to link them to the collection page if you have collection pages disabled.

Link them somewhere else and you’ll be fine. There is no implicit linking when you use a collection list.

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