albums doesn’t work

Hello! Please fix imgurs album insertion in post as at this moment webflow doesn’t show nor album, nor photos (check out example of inserting imgurs album on my test post — but here you can see how it should look like buttons ant that’s it — nothing more, no photos. it would be very useful to get them work. Thanks.

I have it working pretty well.

It’s added like this:

However, using the url of the album in a RT multimedia embed doesn’t seem to work.

@waldo, I did further tests with imgur embed in a RT.

i’ve tested albums and images embed at and they both work well.

But same album and image urls pated in a RT element using multimedia embed doesn’t work. Album doesn’t show up, and image returns a default imgur interactive background (the one with the animals with googly eyes following your cursor)

Hi @vincent and @SEVSSGJERD, it looks like the embed url is passing some invalid js:

@SEVSSGJERD, what is the url you are using for the imgur embed in the Rich Text ?

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