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IMG.LY Photoeditor SDK integration into Webflow?

Hi everyone,

I’m actually surprised I couldn’t find any topics on the forum that include Photoeditor SDK from IMG.LY.

I have a client that would like to have a basic photo editing functionality on his website, where people can access his website, upload up to 100 photos from their phone or computer, make minor adjustments (like cropping, maybe adding a filter, etc) and then send them in to be instantly printed and delivered to the client’s door. Similar to something like Shutterfly, but a lot simpler and more focused.

I’ve found IMG.LY’s Photoeditor SDK online that seems to be the best option for him. They’ve got a page here [PhotoEditor SDK Guide HTML5 v5_11 | Getting Started - Web/Standalone] that deals with integrating it onto a website with HTML5. I’m NOT a developer by any means. I tried taking the code and pasting it straight into an Embed element, but it doesn’t work properly, so I know there’s more to it.

Can someone please just guide me in layman’s terms on what I’m missing here? If it’s too complex, feel free to tell me also and I’ll see if I can make another plan, however everywhere on this website it says it’s so simple to integrate, that it’s probably just an absolute noob with code like myself that can’t easily do it.



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