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Images won't show using reference field from one collection to another

Hey There!

I am attempting to use a “Photo Sets” Collection to hold all photos for each of my Projects and have added a Reference field to my Projects collection in order to enable this.
(I did this because I have 10 sections in each project, each with one or two unique images per section, and I ran out of CMS fields to also support each photo)

I’m taking the following steps:

  1. Add photos to photo fields in “SH Photos”
  2. In the desired grid that exists in the project page, I add an image block.
  3. In the image block settings, I select “Get Image from Projects,” and navigate to the populated Image field from the “Photo Sets” collection / “SH Photos” project / “Section 1 Image 1”
  4. The image doesn’t appear, and the settings cog/title moves to the very top left of the entire page.

I’ve also tried adding the image to the Dynamic Style Settings, attempting to pull the image as the background image :
![Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 8.26.36 PM|690x386(upload://9e9KL9w3Bo4vyGPXNN5aZCDaBEW.jpeg)

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Read only link : Webflow - Austin Acevedo



Hi @Austin_Acevedo I was able to add image without any problem as everything in CMS has flag published. Cogwheel will only jump when image reference is no present eg. if collection item is not published or image (reference) doesn’t exist. This is case on your second image where I can see staged for publish.

Ah! I didn’t realize I needed to publish in order to activate the reference field. Thanks so much!

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