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Images scale down on published site

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having this issue quite often where images are the right size in the Webflow preview but they scale down to a ridiculously small size on the published site.

This is what it looks like in the preview, for example:

And this is what it looks like on the published site:

Any idea why that could be?

Thanks in advance!


Read-only link:

The relevant page is the ‘Insights’ CMS collection template page

Published site:
Example problem page:

Please include your site’s Read-Only Share Link with your question. The one you provided is broken.

A read-only link allows the community to view your project without making any edits to it and help diagnose your issue or provide feedback.

If your project has custom code or layout issues on the published site, please share that URI as well.

My bad, the link should work now!

Can you share this as well?

Updated the original post again- sorry I missed that in your previous message!

@CircleYasmina - For the image with the class of .insight-page-cover, set width to 100%.

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You are a star, thank you!

You’re welcome. That’s what my Mom says so you are in good company!

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