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Images resizing during browser scale down

Hi there, i’m still relatively new to Webflow and am finding it hard to get two images to scale down when the browser shrinks (before its hits the point of a tablet size).

Currently the areas I have two images stacked horizontally are the issue, as soon as the browser shrinks they stack vertically instead of both shrinking




Here is my read only link, if you scroll down to the project ‘glitch’ and shrink the browser slightly you’ll see the problem.


This is also happening further down the page at the section called ‘Tesla Launch’, but instead of stacking vertically, one of the images just gets cut off


@Gracep77, I do not seem to be able to replicate your issue.

Trying using Loom to screen capture your issue and past the video link in your reply.

Also, I only see one Tesla logo.

Hi @WebDev_Brandon, thank you for looking to help!
I actually figured out the issue myself, I had the images sized with pixels instead of percentages. Very easy fix!

Thanks anyway

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