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Images overflowing the sticky nav

I use a sticky nav on the top of my website and I don’t want anything to overflow it but images still does while text is fine, could you please advise me, where and what to set? To be more specific, the overflowing images has the “Card image” class, while picture with the class “Image 3” is not overflowing, so maybe I should just change the class but don’t know how exactly.
Thank you very much!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Enrian Team_try

hi @Jana_Koldova I have made short video how you can fix your problem

Zatim Standa

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Moc děkuji Stando! It was very helpful for me as a total beginner :slight_smile: now it works perfectly!
Ahoj Jana

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Hi @Jana_Koldova I’m glad that worked for you. If you don’t have another question related to original topic feel free to close your request to be marked as solved by checking any response as solution.

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