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Images or other content for dropdown boxes not allowed

Hi, I’m trying to integrate pictures or other elements in a dropdown, but it’s telling me, that only Dropdown links can be moved inside of a Dropdown list.

Is saw already working examples for that here, but not for this failure message.

Can someone help, please?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@pupinko Oops, sorry about that - we’re pushing a fix in the next 30 minutes :thumbsup:

Hi Vlad,

thanks for your fast feedback. I’m looking forward to this fix. :smile:

@pupinko Can you try now? Should be fixed!

It’s working partially now. It’s possible to include elements in the dropdown list, not. But it’s not possible to put dropdown links into one of this elements, e. g. divs oder tables.

Investigating along with @josh - will get back to you tomorrow!

Don’t have your feedback, but meanwhile it’s working fine.

Thanks a lot.

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