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Images or divs that resize as browser window gets smaller

Hi. Quick question. If you go to this site and make resize the browser window, you see that the images change size and shift…how is this done? It’s different from a typical responsive site… Thanks!

The images are taking up 100% of it’s parent div. (possible in Webflow)

The div are the ones being resized at certain breakpoints. (possible in Webflow)

They are stacked in a container that has a maximum width. The stacking algorithm is based on masonry.js (possible using custom coding, or you can use flexbox)

Thank you @samliew! Does flexbox do the relative easing and resizing as you
change the browser size? Thanks!!

Depends on how you set it up. Flexbox is very customizable. Set a flex basis for the divs, then allow it to grow and shrink.

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