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Images of team members

I need to add to my company’s website some new members of it. But I want their pic and Title being smaller then those ones of the people from senior levels. How can I do that? It only gives me the option to add members but not to make it differently
Thank youuu

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Carol, welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

Can you share a read-only link?

Hi @avivtech! Thank you so much for responding. What do you mean? you can look at our website if you want and when you look at the session “About” then “team” you can see that all of us are on the same size while I would like to put the site agents smaller and one close to each other in a line. is it possible? thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Carol, with pleasure :smiley:

  2. It looks like your team members list is a dynamic list. That means that you will need to create variants designs for items in the same list. This is intermediate Webflow level so I suggest you start here=>

Hi @avivtech! Thank you for the links but it seems that from my view it’s impossible to achieve those options. if you can look at this image I shared you can see that i don’t have those options. Why?

You are using the ‘Editor’, and for changing designs, you need to use the ‘Designer’.
Try watching some tutorials on the Webflow university, they are really informative and useful.

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Can I access the Designer with my website? How can I do that? Is it a paid version? It is something that takes long time?
thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, you can do all that :slight_smile:
aaaaand once again, Webflow university to the rescue: