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Images not showing good on the iPhone!

Can anyone tell my why my images are not good displayed on the iPhone?

@Koen That’s a pretty tough design layout to work with on mobile. It looks like you have your images set to specific heights so that might cause the stretching.

Hi @jdesign thought the same!but its on: 100% Wide, Auto high…
on windows phone, and tablet its perfect… only not on iPhone!

Hmmm. When I looked it had a height set. at least on one of the images… it was only set that way for the portfolio phone layout. I’ll try and take a look again later.

Your images are stretching rather then scaling… (I’m assuming you’re not wanting them to stretch) this probably has something to do with it…looks to me like you should remove the width, height, min & max settings for your Image class. Currently you have them set to auto and 100% see screen capture…

Also see screencast:

Maybe that will help.

Hi Bryan, i was talking about te stretch indeed! What you did i tried before… but somehowe its still not showing well on iphone… strange is it?

Thanks for taking your time!