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Images not displaying on published site (Firefox)

Morning all!

Background images are not displaying on the firefox browser, I’ve had a quick look and it’s not evidently obvious what the issue is (may be the time of day & lack of coffee). It’s a live site & all is fine in chrome, opera, safari and mobile - hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Also just noticed that the font colors aren’t pulling through either :weary:

Cheers Luke

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @deep-image,

Thanks for posting about your images not displaying on Firefox.

While testing, I wasn’t able to repro on my end and seems your images are rendering as expected on Firefox:

Can you please check if your browser is running the latest updates?

Hi Nita,

It looks like the issue is isolated to firefox for windows (also works fine on our macs) - I’ve done fresh installs of firefox on 3 windows workstations & all give the same result.

FYI. The issue is happening on all websites including yours & it seems to be isolated to backgrounds. Fingers crossed they fix it soon.

Thanks for the help!

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