Images missing on on iPad device

I have a very simple one page site with some images on it.

On a Desktop and a mobile (both Portrait and landscape) all works fine.
In the Webflow designer it all looks fine for every device.

However, once deployed, the images are not displayed only on an iPad (I can only test on an iPad Mini)
Have tried Safari and Chrome with same result.
Have had other people test using their iPad and both browsers with same result.

Wondering if anyone might be able to suggest what is happening here…?

The site is

Thanx in advance

It’s OK… Finally found the answer…

Not sure if I have used the right solution but… as transitions are not supported on iPad… I have duplicated the offending images and then hidden the set with the transitions when viewing on an iPad and then turned off the transitions for the image that is visible for the iPad.

Not that elegant but it works.

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