Images inside link blocks not showing after enabling SSL without 'Publishing images using SSL CDN'


Not sure if this should be posted under Bug or Tips&Tricks:

I enabled SSL on site hosted on Webflow today ( In some browsers images that is inside a link block was blocked/not showing. After enabling ‘Publish images using SSL CDN’ the images started to show up again.

Not sure if it’s just a time delay caused by enabling SSL or the ‘Publish images using SSL CDN’ solved the problem, but if so, perhaps there should be some sort of information on enabling SSL that the ‘Publish images using SSL CDN’ should also be enabled?


I’ve had that problem. Ended up having to set up a custom S3 container outside of web flow and manually put images in there. Pretty pointless when you consider the images go up to S3 anyway. So i think this is a bug…

Don’t forget to republish after changing any setting.