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Images in Splide Slider look low res? Uploaded at high res

Hi All,

Some help would be greatly appreciated!

The images in my slider a heavily pixilated despite being high res in the editor mode.

Anyone know how to fix this?


Oh hi Mark!

It seems WF downscaled your image to 500px, as evident by the altered URL ...124.jpeg to ...124-p-500.jpeg.

Downscaling wasn’t supported for a long time, but it’s now. Have a look at this blog entry:

You can disable resizing then, it’s just wierd that it does not seem to be enabled in your project?
Try enabling it, it may fix your issue. if not disable it again for the affected images…

Welcome to the community @MarkHolden :wave:

Webflow’s native responsive images (that @RDaneelOliwav mentioned) seem to have issues rendering at a lower resolution when they are spanning across multiple grid cells. The solution is either disabling the responsive image feature or using something like flexbox instead.

The shortcut to display the checkbox for enabling/disabling the responsive feature is CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+O :+1:

Didn’t know that! Appreciate the info :exploding_head:

Hi guys,

Ahh thanks so much! I felt it was downscaling but then stretching them. I had no idea how to fix it though.

Thanks for the advice and expertise!! Very much appreciated!! You have saved me hours of fumbeling around.

Hope you have a good Sunday!!

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Afternoon everyone!

I have a fresh issue that has cropped up from nowhere.

The images are now displaying at a huge height within their div. Any advice on how to diagnose the issue would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,