Images from new pages aren't exporting

@thesergie I’ve got a little 5 page site going but it will only export the images that are included in my Home page. It exports all the additional html pages but does not include any images for those pages. Any insight would be great.

That’s really odd @rennsix. Its working fine for me. What’s your subdomain? I can take a look and see what’s going specifically with your site/pages.

looks like thats a bug. we’ll fix shortly.

EDIT: fixed: 5:43pm cc @rennsix

Doh! You’re right - images in pages don’t export. Background images export fine, but image elements do not. We’re on it!

Yes. Image elements. That is the term! @thesergie and @brryant, you all really do have great product here. I understand the bugs. Let me know when it’s fixed.

Yup we pushed a fix last friday.