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Images disappearing (mostly in Chrome)

Here’s the public, but I don’t think it will help as it only happens with a published version (and yes, I use shift + refresh):

Here are the corresponding results. It’s done this to me twice now, and I redid the icons just to make sure - then it worked properly for awhile, and now, once again, the images disappear…

Any ideas?

This second image shows everything fine in the GUI.


check for spaces in the file name or url and remove them or put dashes or underlines where they are, look for unusual characters in the complete file name and url … I had some problems with pics disappearing later and that was what I had done … some weird “windows” naming stuff got in the naming process on my computer, I uploaded them that way and later had some issues, After running it down to the above, cleaning that up it went away forever. I watch that closer now on the build and name directories and files as I noted above.

Thanks webguy. I’ve renamed the files and we’ll see how it lasts.