Images changing size position in different screen sizes

Hey, this is a link to the site i’m working on

I designed the web on my 15’’ macbook. as u can see while scrolling down a transparent layer with characters comes up and than disappear. the image is uploaded as “Media file” in the section. I set the size and position so it will perfectly fit the background (u can see that some characters look like their sitting on the chairs etc.) when i open the website in a different computer (different screen size) the background image is being cut (sadly but obviously) buy the problem is that the characters change their size and position (regardless to the background image size and position).
what can i do??
I’m very worried and concerned! Is it fixable?

Thanks a lot!

This is a screenshot from the website, this is how the characters should be (size and position)- u can see the men is sitting on the chair.
if you go in the website from a different computer (not 15’’ mac) and scroll down till u get to tis image u will see that the position has changed.

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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