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Images change proportions when viewing in mobile?

Hi! I notice that the images looks different in proportions when they appear in mobile or tablet version. Is there a easy way to fix this? Or what may i do wrong here?:slight_smile:

Hi @webbor by default the image should keep its proportions. Did you change the width or height anywhere?

Please copy paste your troubleshooting link so we get a better idea of whats going on (it’s in your Site Settings).

Hi @thesergie! Here is the link. If u notice the logo for example down in the footer it looks good in the browser version comparing to the mobile version.

Looks like you changed the height for the image from Auto to 100px. This will make it 100px no matter the context - and as the resolution gets smaller, the width changes to fit but the height stays 100px.

Solution: Remove 100px and press enter (or type "auto)

Ok! Yes that makes sense! So much thanks for the help!

HI again, see the issue is still there with the logo at the button at the page. Its gets weird in the mobile version even though its set to auto :slight_smile: @thesergie

The site:

Hi again @webbor, it seems you didn’t set it to auto. Double check again. When you type in “auto” make sure to hit enter.

Hi! Yes actually it helped :slight_smile: Thanks!