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Images/assets keep disappearing (error code 403)


I wonder if I am the only customer with this issue, which is not becoming a complete disaster.

Since a week some assets/images started to just disappear from the website editor (designer) with 403 error messages in the console. However if I publish the site, they are there on the published site.

What is most scary, they also disappear from the backups!!!

Webflow response seems totally inappropriate / unprofessional - they suggested I keep uploading them again!?!?

I am a paid customer and I rely on webflow for our company “face” and this is totally upsetting and shocking :frowning:

I wonder if anyone else has the same issues and if not - @Webflow please help!!

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Apex Labs - A boutique dev shop in the heart of Europe]
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I recommend you rule out issues with your browser. Sometimes when browsers have a pending update they will cause these types of issues. So that is something to check as well since there have been numerous ones recently. Another thing to watch out for is being logged out of one browser when another logs in or multiple users sharing the same login. Not really any way for us to help you further. There are no other recent similar topics that I have seen. Hope your issue gets resolved quickly.

Hi @webdev I don’t mean to be rude but obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.

We are very much tech company and we’ve tried everything before raising this issue here.

The problem is that some assets stored in the webflow backend are not loading with 403 code (permission denied) while the published version of the site has them.

This is clearly not how it is supposed to be, so it would be great that instead of old fashioned advice lets keep rebooting the computer until it works you guys could get an engineer to look at the issue in-depth.

We paid a year subscription and we expect that at very least.

@ayushin - I was offering advice as a Weblow user / community member based on 5+ years helping people in this forum and reading thousands of forum posts. I am not Webflow support.

You provided almost no details to work with other than an error general 403 http error code. Not much to go on. I hope you find resolution to your issue. It just won’t be from me.

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@webdev I am sorry I thought you were webflow support.