Images are getting deleted from my webflow site

Hi Webflowers…

recently some of the image’s in my clients website are automatically getting deleted …these sites were built few months ago and on some of the pages … the images are not there anymore

is anyone else facing the same issue … It has happened thrice with me and now I have to upload the images again… attaching screenshots of the before after…

is this due to any new update ??

What’s the website ?

it has happened with this two website

I wanted to check the DNS to see if you had a proxy setup, I’ve seen some cases recently where Webflow can get drop images there. Your setup looks find though.

I’m not seeing any deleted images, so I am guessing you’ve fixed them.
Are there any you are still seeing as broken?

My best guess would be a CDN deployment issue, so if you see it again, video it, grab the URL, message webflow support… see what they say.

Yup those are live site with traffic coming in so had to update them

but this is a back up site we had created and it also faced the similar issue … I havent updated the images for this one Our Story | Men's Digital Health Clinic | Noah Singapore

the images have disappeared for this one

Interesting have they disappeared from the assets panel as well? I’d message Webflow support with that one to make certain they’re aware.