Images acting strange on mobile (Quick Paypal Tip for help!)

Hey guys…

I’m running into an issue on my new site

I have a $25 PayPal tip for the first person to help me figure this out!

On desktop, images are responsive. On mobile, they are not. One product has fully displayed images on mobile (Vibes Socks) however, all mats on home page are not.

Peace and love :slight_smile:

Hey Max! Did you try setting your width to 100vw and remove your max-height? That works for me, but you’ll need to use a different class for your shopping cart and social icons so they don’t get huge.

Actually you may not have to change your classes up. I’m trying to inspect from a web browser and couldn’t tell what had the image-2 class applied. Give 100vw width a shot, though!


Write me your Paypal if you want a little change man.

Don’t worry about it! Glad I could help. Good luck on your site! :smiley:

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