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Image Z-Index messed Up with Animation/Interaction

Hey There,

Im currently building an Interaction, where I need Text to move above an Image while scrolling. The Setup for the Text was easy and quickly made with z-index and absolute positioning. But whenever I assign the animation, the image is always on top.

If I remove the animation, all elements are positioned like I want them to be. It only appears to happen, if I activate the animation.

Note: I use costume code to get outline Text, which should be the part above the image.
I have found out, the this (seems to me like that) Bug only appears when im using element triggers. Especially if I use “while scrolling in view”. If I use “while page is scrolling”, everything works very well. Only the Element Trigger makes me Image always stay on top. Unfortunately I can’t use while page is scrolling here, because of the length of the planned site… I’d be happy if someone had this and maybe found a solution.

Id be happy to know if this is some kind of bug or my mistake!

Here is my public share link: LINK