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Image with fixed hotspots


I’m really struggling on something I’m trying to have a centered image with fixed hotspots that have the exact same position on every webpage width. I couldn’t find an answer on the forum about this.
I tried to apply what was on this thread but it’s not working for me : Image with Hotspots

Would really appreciate the help.

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I’ve had some design help for this internally. For the records, here’s how I fixed it:

Have the container set as Relative containing the image
Inside that container have a div for the hotspot with fixed width/height set as Absolute

Well, this is exactly what was suggested in the thread you linked :slight_smile:

Not really.
I was missing the fact that the container be set as relative and my images weren’t at 100%

100% isn’t necessary of course. And yeah, relative, absolute or fixed (anything but static) positioned parent is required for absolutely positioned children to adhere to its position otherwise it will align with the next ancestor with required positioning.