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Image URLs (used for open graph images) after site transfer

Hey team,

When transferring a site from one account to another, are the image url’s affected?

My SEO person has used the URLs associated with header images on various pages. ( I have created the site in a development account, and am about to transfer the site to a new account for client handover.

Will the image URLs change when I do this change (breaking the image graph link), or will the URLs be unaffected?

James Stanbridge

Hi everyone,

I have the same question and can’t seem to find any info in the forum. I am quite new to web development and Webflow. My client wants to use his own web host and I am not sure how to address the issue of Open Graph (OG) Image URLs.

Since the image URLs have to be manually inserted into the OG Image URL field, I imagine that once the code is exported and published on an external host, the URL’s will not change to reflect the new host as they will still be manually targeting the original URLs hosted on the Webflow server (uploads-ssl.webflow). If this is the case, the URL links will inevitably break once the draft site hosted on Webflow is unpublished and the final site on the client’s host is live.

I guess one way to resolve this could be to host the OG images elsewhere from the outset, provided that they can be stored long-term but this is impractical and not the best practice as you may want to use existing images from your website for this purpose and therefore having to store duplicates elsewhere does not make sense.

I have the following questions:

  1. As I want to avoid digging into the code and making changes that would not be reflected later in Webflow, would I have to leave the OG Image URL fields empty in the SEO settings, export/publish the site on my client’s host, identify the new URLs of the published images, insert them back into Webflow SEO editor, re-export and re-publish?

  2. If I want to use different images than those included in the site pages, would I have to create a separate “dummy” page and place all images I want to use for OG there or would it suffice to merely uploaded them in the asset manager?

  3. If I have to create a dummy page, would this not affect google indexing / crawling if there are no active links to this page from the rest of the site? Any workarounds?

  4. If uploading the different images in the asset manager is an option, how would I find their URL’s once I export and publish on a new host?

I am new to all this so any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,