Image submission code or method

Hey guys,

Is there a way to create a page that allows people who visit the website to upload images to the site through a simple short form, which then will be displayed on the first page or a specified page (like a category).

Does anyone know of a script? way to do it in webflow or code that can help me do this?

Hi @Hamzster, at the moment this is not possible natively in Webflow, although we are working on these kinds of dynamic content features. So until we release those features, you would need to use some custom javascript code, and a file storage or CDN of your own where you can upload those images. You would have to create that custom code, or find a script to do this, but it is possible when using some custom script.

We are working as fast as possible on these kinds of features though :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave

Hey @cyberdave,

Thanks for the reply. I am looking for something that will help me do this or some code that does it but its proving to be a challenge. Do you know of anything existing out there?