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Image stretching and then resize to original position

I noticed that this image was stretched this morning. When I went to see what was wrong with the image, I clicked on it and the stretch (tall) removed itself. Odd behavior that it would appear on it’s own and disappear on it’s own. Seems buggy. Also, since the problem seems to have gone away, not sure that sending the share link helps. As mentioned, the problem went away, but I’m unclear on why it went away or how it came to be.

Hi @Grant_Davis

Thanks for posting about this. There’s a known quirk when working with Safari and Flexbox, specifically flex child settings don’t always render as expected.

To avoid this you can open the designer up using Safari and you should be able to see the issue. That said I took a look at your site and I think you can avoid using flexbox altogether as the layout isn’t very complex.

You can remove the flexbox styles on laptop-center and container and apply Center Element for the image. Here’s a gif showing this:

It won’t change your layout at all, but will prevent this quirk from happening again :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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