Image src url displays instead of the image itself

Hello, I need some help with a form that’s on the Frames template page. The form sends product information to Zapier which then delivers the information to the customer through an email. However, the product image only shows a URL link instead of the actual image in the email. I’m using an HTML email template in Zapier to deliver the mail. Can someone help me display the product image along with other product information in the email?

Hey Joseph,

It will depend entirely on Zapier and the email tool you’re using, you’ll need to dig into those docs. My guess is you are creating a plaintext email rather than an HTML one. You’ll actually need to write HTML and an <img> element to display your image.

In general I prefer to setup a system like Mailjet with a transactional email template, and then I can simply pass in the data needed from Zapier / Make automations. That gives much better design options even on the free plan.

Drop me a message if you need something built quickly.