Image slider not working

Hi everyone, so I’m trying to use this slider (Webflow - Dwight's Cool Site) that I got from webflow marketplace.

As seen in the above link, the slider works fine. However, when I try to copy-paste it onto my website (Webflow - Dwight's Portfolio) the buttons/slider doesn’t work. The slider is under “slider container 3”.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

That slider you copied has some code in the page settings to make it work! You’ll need to copy this across as well to make sure it works. It will only work on the staging domain as well, as javascript doesn’t run in the webflow designer itself!

Hey Tommy, thanks for replying.

I copied the code from the page settings and pasted it on my website but it still doesn’t work. Am I missing something?

Here’s the link to my updated website:

Can you send a link to the published site? I’m happy to have a look, but the webflow designer wont run the code, I’ll need to check on the staging domain, or actual domain if you have one live! :slight_smile:

ah okay, here you go My Works | Social Media Branding

Hey Tommy, were you able to get a chance to look at my published site? :slightly_smiling_face: