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Image Size (KB) Suggested by Webflow Entirely Different From Actual Size on the Web


Currently my site’s been experiencing deferred image loading, which has dragged the page loading speed and impacted the bounce rate severely. I have COMPRESSED and SCALED all images accordingly as suggested by Webflow staffs and other analytic tools. However, when I reexamined site report, the image issue remained.
I looked into the report and found out that with the same image, the sizes suggested by Webflow editor (3.6KB) and PageSpeed Insights (155KB) are completely different. Why does image size enlarge so much when published to the web? Do I need to configure anything before publishing? Or any suggestions other than compressing and resizing images to minimize the size and optimize the loading speed?

This isnt the solution for you problem but if you can use SVGs for all that logos instead of PNGs then it will be as small as possible… :wink:

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