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Image size different on live website comparing to designer preview

Hi, I am trying to build my company portfolio with collections, and I have one problem. I have a 1000px wide image

which I uploaded in the corresponding field of the portfolio collection item. My monitor is 1920x1080. Now I don’t want it to be stretched to the full width of my monitor, which is happening now on my live site. I want it to stay 1000px wide on bigger monitors and fit to the 100% of the width on smaller screens i.e. mobile. The problem is that if i set it to be 1000px - this will affect images from other collection items . So I guess I need to set one of those settings fill/fit/contain/

The weird think is that in the editor previewer the image looks just fine! :
Why doesn’t it look the same on the live site??? :

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Muzelium

Thank you.


I think the issue is Auto, its a funny setting for some browsers like safari.
Reset it to default, I would also as a tidy up reset anything which isn’t being used or not different from default.

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Thanks, it didn’t help though

I dont have a live link but I recreated your divs and I dont get an issue in edge.
temp link
can you test your browser to see if it works or is the same as your results?
If its the same try edge or chrome