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Image should be sticky when viewport reaches bottom

Hi community!

I basically placed a vertical image with 80vw so it it much higher than the viewport and the user has to scroll to see all of it. When we scroll and reach the bottom of it, I want it to be sticky so that the next project slides over it as an effect.

Right now I adjusted every breakpoint separately (position sticky with different “minus viewport hight” from the top)

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-23 um 07.12.42

It’s not perfect AND the image is dynamic content. So if my client changes the picture and the aspect ratio changes a little bit… it can be totally off.
I would be happy for any ideas!

Here is my read only:

And YES, I might use the collection list a bit wrong but it’s the only way I saw to make the homepage look this individual. :wink: