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Image Scroll Parallax Effect

I am trying to implement a scroll parallax effect that is found at this site: Go down to the “For Landlords” tab and you’ll see some images to the right of a paragraph that says Add Your Property. As you scroll down and then back up, you’ll notice that one of the layered images moves as you scroll, which seems to be a parallax effect. I found the JS code that they used, but have no idea how to implement it into my website.

This website uses the “du-parallax” attribute, and the code is found here: How do I add this effect to an image on my website, where scrolling down moves the image up, and scrolling up moves the image down? Thanks!

This should help How to make parallax elements in Webflow

I watched that tutorial, and it is helpful, but one problem still is the JS code I need doesn’t seem to have the plugin code that his did in the video…on Github for the code I need, where is the code I put in my custom code to make it work?