Image Scaling / Cropping

When I use a large photo for the background of a header section at the top of the page, is there a way to have it not crop from the top when scaling for larger screens? It keeps cutting people’s heads off.

Here are examples:

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Hi @icanCreate

You can move the image around in the background image settings. Or you’ll have to crop the image in a photo editor.

What do you mean by “move around?”

Here is a screenshot of the image settings.


Here is an example where the header image does not scale and cut off heads. How did they do that? Thanks

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You can set the point of origin on a “cover” property by clicking the three little dots and chose the top center point to make the image crop from the bottom.

You can also remove the absolute positioning as shown in you screen grab.

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for.