Image resizing on landscape mobile


On my landscape mobile breakpoint, the hero image background image is resizing the way I want it to. However, the background image further down the page is not. It was, but I did something, and haven’t been able to identify the issue. I’m also getting those white strips on the right and left of the hero, even though overflow hidden is being used.

Here is my site’s read only link. And here are screenshots of the sections to easily identify the images in question. However, the white strips referenced above only appear when viewed on an actual mobile device on the published site. I’m using an iPhone 14 Plus, iOS 16.5.

Resizing Properly Big

Resizing Properly Small

Not Resizing Properly Big

Not Resizing Properly Small

Note: The video light box won’t play on the staging link, because of my Vimeo permission settings. This was intentional.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Michael, just play around with the position, here is a screenshot

I hope this helps

Thank you. That kinda achieves the desired result, but it doesn’t resize the same way as the hero image.